AZERTY Russe L.11mm/H.13mm

Touches Clavier AZERTY Russe Cyrillique Stickers autocollants

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RUSSIAN FRENCH NON-TRANSPARENT KEYBOARD STICKER BLACK 48 touches pré-découpées AZERTY + Russe en caractères bleus. LIVRAISON RAPIDE Autocollants clavier RUSSE / AZERTY Français TYPOGRAPHIE BLANCHE (français) et bleu (Russe) SUR FOND NOIR Hauteur 13mm Largeur 11mm French & Russian Keyboard sticker for any Laptop, Desktop or Notebook black color of background Matt vinyl guarantees complete absence of glare under different angels of lighting. The application process is very straight forward. French letters located underneath each sticker - will accurately indicate keys on with you will apply corresponding stickers. Applying possess doesn't take more than 10-15min. And you can immediately enjoy your brand-new French - Russian Cyrillic keyboard. The stickers are intended to simplify your job, make communication even more satisfying as well as less time consuming while doing it on computer. Discover the World of perfection and simplicity with our product.